6 Reasons Lebron James Is A Beast

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Lebron James, hate him or love him, is definitely his own man. He’s done some great things over his career, and he’s also said and done some bone headed things (The Decision anyone?)

As a Phoenix Suns fan, this year has been a tough one to watch. Especially since the departure of my favorite player, Steve Nash.

steve nash black eye (Steve Nash and I at an event a couple years back)

Even though my home team is seemingly no longer the run-and-gun Suns, watching some of the other young talent, and Lebron especially, still has me watching a good amount of NBA games. So what exactly makes Lebron, Lebron?

Here are 6 reasons why Lebron James has been so successful and will continue to be a dominant force for years to come.

He’s Got A Successful Mindset

The Lebron James of today, is definitely a different man than the Lebron James of a few years ago.

When he first arrived in Miami, he said he was attempting to be something he wasn’t. Once he made the decision to no longer play the role of the villain, Lebron allowed himself to approach the game with a renewed mentality for success. Now he’s playing loose, and playing with a passion that is contagious to his teammates. He’s become a successful player, but also a successful leader.

He’s Multi-Dimensional

When I first started watching Lebron play on ESPN when he was still in high school, he was no doubt a dominant force due to his sheer athleticism.

Over the course of his pro career, where he’s playing with some of the best athletes in the world on a nightly basis, he’s had to work countless hours developing his skills. It’s because of this that he’s now able to score almost at will in every possible way, and still control the other side of the floor as an excellent defender.

lebron james miami heat He Stays Ready

Being a player in the NBA means being physically and mentally prepared during every minute of every game. In addition to watching tape, running drills, working offense and defense every day, Lebron also eats clean, and practices recovery techniques that are heavy in yoga poses.

“If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.” – Will Smith

He Makes Everyone Else Better

The other two of “The Big Three,” Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh were already high profile players before they teamed up with Lebron in South Beach. But since all playing together, both Wade and Bosh have been having career years on the offensive end of the floor. Not just in points, but in efficiency as well.

When you are as good as Lebron is, you relieve a lot of the pressure off your teammates to perform, and allow them to play loose and at the best of their abilities.

He’s Effiecient

In order to be successful in anything, it’s beneficial to be efficient. With a PER (player efficiency rating) of 31.67 this season, he’s on pace to be the most efficient player in the NBA for the 6th straight year.

He Possesses A Tireless Work Ethic

LeBron James is without a doubt, the most physically gifted athlete in the NBA (maybe in sports period). Beyond the talent Lebron has been naturally blessed with though, the work he puts in when the cameras are off is what truly allows him to truly pursue greatness. Erik Spoelstra had this to say, “This guy isn’t shying away from work ethic or preparation. He’s getting after it. He treats my film sessions like he is the coach.”

What hard work and dedication lead to…

Lebron James 2013 MVP Highlight Reel

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