Michael Jordan Picture Quotes For Inspiration

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Michael Jordan was the best. There were great players before him, there have been some great ones since, and even though I’ve written about how Lebron James is a beast, nobody could do it quite like Mike.

Since Lebron is regarded as the best of his generation, and his Miami Heat are currently in the finals against the San Antonio Spurs, I’ve seen and heard more than a few comparisons to Jordan recently. Perhaps it’s just made me a bit nostalgic since I grew up rooting for the Bulls, but it got me searching for old clips and for nuggets of wisdom from back when MJ reigned supreme.

I’ve posted some of Michael Jordan’s best Nike commercials that I’ve found to be inspirational, but I thought today I would do a search and post some quotes from the great one.

Here are some of the best Michael Jordan picture quotes that I found.

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